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Benefits of Using a Grinder

weed grinder

In fact, when the weed is pulled apart by hands manually, the plant particles often get stuck to our fingers. As a result, its potency is affected negatively. But when it is ground by the weed grinder, it is easily packed into the rolling paper. As it is exposed to comparatively lesser oxygen, it burns less on inhalation and the airflow is increased. By this, we get control over how smoothly or quickly it burns. One can also conserve their stash in this manner. Oftentimes, the weed grinder is also used as a portable storage container for keeping small amounts of weed. 

The weed grinders are available in both plastic as well as metal bodies. They usually have two or more interlocking pieces that constituents it’s upper and lower chambers. The upper chamber has the teeth for grinding. The shape and number of teeth in a grinder varies according to the brands and types. They affect the quality of grounded weed. You can easily get the Weed grinder from sharpstone online at a very affordable price.

Benefits Of Grinders

weed grinder

Regardless of your rolling abilities, crafting a perfect joint is nearly impossible without a grinder.

What is a grinder?

 A grinder is a device designed to break cannabis bud into fine, evenly ground bits.

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Because cannabis buds are typically large, dense, and sticky, they must be properly prepared prior to being rolled. While it is possible to break up bud with your hands, most prefer the help of a grinder because of the many benefits they provide.

Save Time, Smoke Sooner

The first and most obvious benefit is that grinding your bud with a grinder is much faster than grinding it by hand. Even super sticky bud (which requires serious dedication to break down by hand) can be ground down in minutes to the perfect rolling consistency.

Better Roll, Slower Burn

Unlike hand-ground bud, flower processed through a grinder with be fine and consistent, usually allowing an easier and tighter roll. Being able to pack the bud tighter, whether in a joint or a bowl, usually results in a slower burn, too.

Maintain Your Bud’s Potency

For many people, this one’s the kicker. A lot of cannabis’ potency stems from the trichomes, the small, hair-like structures that give fresh bud that frosty aesthetic.

Unfortunately, trichomes are delicate, and they can stick to your fingers when you break bud down by hand. Using a grinder can help keep your bud intact and keep the sticky on the flower instead of on your fingers.

Waste Not, Catch Your Kief

Although the grinder may not degrade the quality of your bud as much as when it’s broken down by hand, some of that sticky goodness probably falls off in the grinder, right? Sure! These crystal formations on the end of these trichomes, called kief, can still fall off the bud and stick to your grinder when you grind down fresh flower.

Luckily, some grinders have kief-catchers that gently sift the ground bud, allowing the fine kief powder to pass through into its own chamber. After you collect enough, you can use that highly potent kief to top a bowl or even make your own cannabis edibles, if you’d like.

Why Use an Herb Grinder?

weed grinder

Grinders make breaking up large amounts of dry marijuana flower a much faster, cleaner process. While some cannabis consumers may be tempted to use their hands to pull apart and grind marijuana, investing in a good herb grinder offers several advantages.

One of the problems with using your hands to break up marijuana is that it leads to inconsistently-sized pieces. You will undoubtedly be left with some pieces that are bigger than others, referred to as “nuggets” or “nugs,” leading to uneven heating or burning. A grinder, with its carefully positioned teeth, is designed to shred dry marijuana flower into an even consistency every time.

Marijuana grinders, in particular 4-piece grinders, are also able to conveniently separate and collect any kief from your herbs. Kief is cherished by most dry herb consumers out there because of its high concentration of active botanical compounds. With a grinder, you can scoop out any pollen from the kief catcher and add it to your vaporizer, pipe, joint, or edible recipe. When using your hands, it is almost impossible to capture the kief that’s knocked off the bud while tearing it up. Using your hands can also cause the cannabinoid and terpene packed trichomes to break, causing them to stick to your fingers as a sticky resin instead of staying on your marijuana where it belongs.

Grinders also help prevent any unintended loss of marijuana, improving the efficiency of your vaping, smoking, or cooking sessions and saving you money. Using your hands to break up herbs will likely cause you to lose some on your fingers, reducing the natural effects of the marijuana as a result. With a grinder, you know that all the valuable bud and its trichomes are collected.

An herb grinder also helps preserve the integrity of your marijuana. Using your hands to break up your buds can transmit your skin’s natural oils, tarnishing some of the resin left on your herb.

Types Of Grinders For Cannabis

As you can see, grinders are vastly more efficient at creating ready-to-roll buds. Now that the benefits of grinding your bud are clear, there is no reason to try and pick apart a large, sticky bud by hand. If you find yourself rolling often and you’re sick of sloppy, hand-ground joints, a grinder is the answer.

Which grinder should you choose? Luckily, you have options, ranging from low profile, credit card-sized grinder cards to complete four chamber grinder systems and more.

Two-Part Grinder

As the name would suggest, these grinders are comprised of two pieces that combine to form one grinder unit. The inside of each piece is laden with sharp teeth designed to shred the dense buds. This style grinder is manufactured in plastic, wood, and metal varieties.

We prefer metal grinders to their cheaper plastic and wood counterparts. In our experience, metal grinders are more durable (less chance of teeth breaking off and into your bud!) and provide a smoother, more consistent grinding action.

Two-part grinders come in a variety of sizes and price points ranging from under $5 for plastic to $40+ for titanium. You get what you pay for in terms of grinder quality.

Best for: The entry-level smoker who is tired of using their hands.

Four-Part Grinder

The four-piece grinder includes some additional features that connoisseurs may have missed with a traditional two-part grinder. Most notably, the four-part grinder includes additional chambers – one for ground bud and one for kief.

A combination of gravity and drilled holes (in the bottom of the grinding chamber) allow the bits of bud to fall down into the collection chamber. The floor of the chamber is typically made of a stiff, relatively fine screen – also referred to as a pollen screen.

The very bottom piece is known as a kief catcher, as the screen only allows the trichomes to pass through. Thus, a four-piece grinder allows you to grind bud, store it, and collect the trichomes that fall off in the process.

Four-part grinders are typically made of metal and also come in a variety of sizes and price points from $10 to over $100. Note: Three-part grinders exist; however, they are the least common variety because they lack a kief chamber.

Electric Grinder

Electric grinders are by far the least popular type of grinder among cannabis users. While they can grind bud effortlessly, they tend to pulverize it into powder in the process – not the ideal consistency for optimizing airflow.

We don’t recommend using an electric grinder for cannabis consumption unless absolutely necessary as they are cheaply manufactured, grind unevenly and jam frequently despite having a kief catcher.

Best for: The lazy or arthritic smoker.

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