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dab torch

A dab torch is an essential part of any dabber’s toolkit and may be found in a range of sizes. You can use a butane torch for dabs or opt for propane instead to fire up your bangers and nails. Cannabis torches are designed to be used in any type of weather or environment and can blaze as hot as 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1,371 degrees Celsius. Considered a dabbing essential, the torch needs to be handled with care to avoid burning your skin or starting a fire.

How long should I torch my banger?

The heating process for a banger is fast, so you should torch your banger for about a minute in total. Make sure that you torch all around the banger to evenly distribute the heat. You’ll know that the banger is ready when you see it glowing crimson or deep orange. Let it cool slightly and then start dabbing your cannabis concentrate. 

Can you dab with a torch lighter?

dab torch

You can dab with a torch lighter, but there are differences between using butane and propane. In general, butane is considered the better choice for dabbing with a torch lighter. 

What is the best torch for dabbing?

The best torch for dabs is heated with butane because of its high heating point. Butane torches are good for all kinds of concentrates, such as budder, shatter, and oil. Further, butane is refined to remove impurities whereas propane is not. However, you should always be aware of the extremely high temperature possible with butane — up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit — and exercise caution at all times. 

Check its safety features and precautions

Dabbing will give you the best experience and result in burning your herbal medicine, such as cannabis while including its flavor and aroma. Dabbing became popular with those who use herbal medicine. Thus, the rise of many manufacturers. However, you have to take into consideration your safety before buying your first dab torch.

Dabbing is a cleaner method of using and enjoying cannabis. Although, it poses risks because most dab torches use butane. The process of dabbing includes heating a nail using the torch to reach a specific temperature.

To avoid accidents, make sure that the plug and the nozzle fit tightly to avoid butane leakage which can cause a fire. In using the dab torch, make sure that flammable materials are nowhere near the dab torch.

Another feature that users take advantage of is the auto-locking feature of some dab torches. However, do not overly rely on this feature because narrow-based lighters can easily be dodged and knocked out, which can cause a fire.

You should also purge your newly-bought torch before dabbing. A new torch may contain a certain amount of oxygen. You must avoid filling up its chamber for the first time that you will use the torch. An un-purged torch may either extinguish the flame prematurely or will not allow the butane to flame up than how much it should flame up.

Should have precise temperature control

You would want to look for a torch that allows you to have control over the temperature of the dab. Being able to control the temperature means you get to control the effect on the taste and aroma.

Finding the ideal temperature is essential to get the best flavor and aroma of cannabis. The most vital thing you can control for more flavor is the temperature. Getting a low-temperature dab means that you will get more flavor from your concentrate. You will also get longer and smoother hits. However, the vapor produced with these dabs is not dense and thick, may leave some concentrate behind, and has milder effects.

On the other hand, getting a high-temperature dab means you will get a more dense, satisfying, and thick vapor. All the concentrate will be consumed. However, you might lose the flavor intensity if you use high-temp dabs.

Heating a nail using a torch is manual work. You should focus on the factors that you can control, such as how long you will heat the nail and how long you will cool it. Using a timer will help you ensure that you will get the correct temperature.

Must be easy to use

dab torch

Being a newbie, the dab torch you will buy should be easy to use. You should buy one that allows you to replace or refill the butane tanks. The dab torch should also be small to make it easy to conceal and transport.

Must be durable

Your first dab torch should be able to withstand a long period. It should also be durable enough to be brought on the go for people who always move from one place to another. A durable dab torch should have a thick outer shell and sturdy base. The dab torch should not be easily bent or broken.

Know what type of gas to use

There are two main types of gas that dab torches use. These gases are butane and propane. Experts recommend using butane because it does not affect the taste and aroma of cannabis. On the other hand, propane torches can burn too hot, making it more dangerous than butane. Titanium oxide will also be produced due to the burning of the nail.

Risks of Dabbing

Marijuana is considered one of the “safer” drugs on the streets, but the main psychoactive chemical found in marijuana (THC) becomes highly concentrated in certain forms, including dabs. THC in such high concentrations increases the risk of marijuana dependence and other dangerous side effects like psychosis.

In low concentrations, the delayed reaction time a smoker might experience could be seen as “relaxing,” but when THC is consumed in high concentrations, this delayed reaction becomes more pronounced. Getting behind the wheel of a car after smoking marijuana concentrates is especially risky. There is also an increased risk of complications related to the cardiovascular system. Marijuana causes the heart to beat faster, and there is an elevated risk of heart attack within the first hour of smoking marijuana. This risk is even more elevated when doing a dab or otherwise taking a stronger hit of THC.

Smoking marijuana can also damage the lungs, causing side effects such as coughing and wheezing or even precancerous changes in the tissues of the lungs. These risks are not exclusive to dabbing, but are associated with the inhalation of concentrated amounts of THC, no matter what method is used. The creation of concentrated

Dangers of THC

THC is dangerous as well. Just like someone with a meth lab, someone with a “butane hash oil lab” is at risk of basically blowing themselves up. To extract the hash oil from marijuana leaves, the leaves are packed tightly into a pipe, and butane gas is forced through the pipe. At best, the hash oil is successfully extracted and it contains a high concentration of THC, perfect for selling to daily users who need more powerful hits. At worst, the maker could die from serious burn injuries.

So despite marijuana’s seemingly harmless image, it’s still something you do not want your child to become tangled up in. If you suspect your teen may be using dabs, consider talking to him or her about it as well as treatment options for marijuana abuse.

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