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How to Use Hemp Wick

hemp wick

Hemp wick is a length of twine constructed from hemp fibers that have been coated in a layer of beeswax. When lit, hemp wick acts like a slow-burning candlestick, making it a popular choice for lighting bongs, pipes, and joints. Marketed as a natural, old school alternative to lighters or matches, hemp wicks dipped in beeswax are a popular choice among cannabis consumers who want to be more environmentally friendly and health-conscious when they spark up.

Hemp wick has been around for millennia, spanning back to the first recorded use of cannabis nearly 10,000 years ago. Balls of hemp wick are created using hemp’s long and durable fibers, which could be made into the cord and rope used on ships and in other industries. The plant’s strong fibers are why hemp was one of the main cash crops grown by the United States as recently as the early 20th century and why hemp has made an agricultural comeback today via the Farm Bill of 2018.

Why should you use hemp wick?

hemp wick

When you use a butane lighter to light up your cannabis, butane gas causes the flame to burn at a very high temperature. When you inhale, the smoke is much hotter, burns off more cannabinoids and terpenes, and carries the butane with it into your lungs. When you use matches, too, you inhale a mixture of glue, wood, and combustible chemicals that’s much more than a clean flame. While butane lighters and matches are more convenient ways to light your bong, some would rather keep their lungs clear of harmful materials.

Raw hemp wick coated in beeswax offers a slow burn from all-natural materials, which many users say produces a cleaner cannabis flavor than a lighter or match. Some tokers also prefer using hemp wicks to light up their weed because it makes the process more straightforward. The flame on a strand of raw hemp wick won’t go out, the point is more precise, and it’s easy to hold your bud up to a slow-burning piece of twine.

Using hemp wick produces a more flavorful hit. It may even maximize your bud’s potency because the low-temperature flame doesn’t burn off the same amount of terpenes and cannabinoids as non-natural fire sources. This is one of the same reasons many joint tokers like using hemp paper as their rolling paper of choice. Hemp rolling papers produce a cleaner, more even smoking experience that doesn’t carry the same carcinogens or chemicals as other rolling papers.

How to use hemp wick

First, unfurl your roll of hemp wick and peel away the tape that keeps it together so that one end of the twine is sticking out and ready to use. Some hemp rolls come in lengths up to 800 feet, so make sure not to unravel it entirely, or you’ll have a mess on your hands. Hemp wick is also a bit sticky due to the beeswax, so try to store it in a clean space where it won’t accumulate too much dust or debris. Many tokers will keep a long piece of raw hemp wick around their lighter or bowl for easy access.

Hold the freed strand away from any wind or fabrics and light the tip of your hemp wick using a lighter or a match. Yes, we did explain why it’s not ideal to use butane lighters, but don’t worry. The first light of the butane-gas fire is to get the burn started, and the portion of hemp wick that touches the butane will burn away immediately, leaving your raw hemp wick chemical-free.

Allow the flame to burn for a little bit to keep it going correctly and remove any trace of chemicals. Once you have a gentle, even flame, use it as you would any source to spark up your cannabis.

For a joint, use the raw hemp wick to light the twisted end of the rolling paper and inhale, the same way you would use a lighter or match. Hemp wicks maintain their shape when you hold them up, rather than flop down like other twines or string.

Hemp Wick Is Healthier Than Butane

In any circumstance, it is going to be better to have hemp in your body rather than putting butane into your body. In the case of smoking a bowl, what you are potentially inhaling from using lighter fluid is toxic gases that are released from combusting butane. However, burning hemp wick does not release those poisonous fumes, and there is no possibility you can inhale them through your mouthpiece when lighting your bowl.

If you keep your hemp wick wrapped around your lighter, then there is no threat to the convenience of smoking, either. You will have the convenience of being able to quickly and accessibly light your hemp wick, and it will always be next to the flame.

Unlike Butane, Hemp Wick Won’t Combust At Ultra-High Temperatures

The flame caused by the combustion of butane in your lighter is burning at an incredibly high temperature, which means that the smoke you inhale into your lungs is much hotter. However, hemp wick does not combust at such a high temperature because it is not gas, meaning your buds aren’t burning so quickly.

That means that you get to enjoy smoother tokes that aren’t as hot as using your butane lighter. You might even get more out of your weed because you can hit it more times with hemp wicks. Most smokers that use hemp wick also report that it tastes much better when their bowl is lit with hemp!

Hemp Wick Gives You Ultimate Bowl-Lighting Precision

hemp wick

Using the hemp wick gives you much better precision for lighting your bowl than any butane lighter. Also, it enables you to corner the bowl if that’s your mantra for stoner etiquette. It’s tough to do this with a butane lighter because it’s incredibly difficult to manage the flame.

Smokers are always looking for ways to make their smoking experience more enjoyable, and hemp wick is a definite way to do that. It is healthier and tastes better, and well it’s keeping the entire smoking event in the herbal family. Also, using hemp wicks make your lighters last much longer, so you don’t have to go out buying them all the time. Hemp wick has a much longer lifespan!

Best Hemp Wick

With all the brands out there, selecting the best hemp wicks can be a daunting task. But don’t stress. They have been around for a long time now, and plenty of people have tried them out, including your fellow Herbivore. To point you in the right direction, here is a compilation of the best hemp wick for smoking.

Humboldt Hemp Wick is consists of 100% organic hemp and beeswax. For cannabis connoisseurs that want a better taste and experience overall from their favorite herb, Humboldt Hemp Wick makes it all happen. Available in sizes as short as 5 ft and as long as 250 ft, and a variety of widths, from Fine Flame to Full Flame to Heavy Flame, this brand, made in Humboldt County, California, can face any fire for as long as you desire. Not to mention, it’s cheap. The most this hemp wick will cost you is roughly 22 bucks, and that’s for all the hemp wick you can handle.

Where to Buy Hemp Wicks

Nowadays, you can grab hemp wick everywhere from Amazon to Wal-Mart. Plenty of small businesses carry hemp wicks, too, including many dispensaries and head shops. Those looking to sample the experience can purchase some wax-coated hemp twine for as little a few dollars. Alternatively, one can also buy rolls that measure hundreds of feet in length. 

In short: if you’re sold on giving hemp wicks a shot, it’s never been easier to bring some home and give your trusty Bic a rest. 

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