First 48 Marijuana Strain

The First 48 is a strong strain that can be utilized to unwind and drift off to sleep. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid that aids with problems connected to stress and tension. Its soothing high makes it popular among consumers. It blossoms quickly, taking approximately eight weeks from seed to maturity. Buy First 48 Strain Strain using Cannabis Affiliate Program.

The First 48 strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid. While it starts with the typical effects of a sativa, it subsequently delivers the physical high associated with an indica. Experienced users might adapt to the impact of First 48 by attempting to go about their daily routine while affected.

If you employ it in the early afternoon, for example, you may have a productive period. By late evening, the high should help you feel more calm. Hopefully, by that time, you will have completed all of your to-do items.

What Is the First 48 Strain?

The White was crossed with Orange Blossom Trail to produce First 48 by Swamp Boys Seeds.

Your mind will clear as you begin to use First 48, pushing all undesirable and distracting thoughts to one side. You could also focus on innovative and productive ideas.

The first stage, which lasts around an hour, is characterized by a pleasant sense of euphoria and mild energy. You’ll typically feel calm and perhaps drowsy after the initial energetic high has worn off. Users are frequently found to be easily distracted, preferring to rest on a sofa or bed rather than doing anything else. In the late afternoon or early evening, try out the First 48 strain.


When it comes to aroma, the First 48 marijuana strain is quite different from its parent strain, The White. It has a combination of earthy skunkiness with an herbal lemon flavor. When you break apart the buds, First 48 develops an extremely pungent odor that becomes stronger.

The herb’s distinctive aroma shines through in the Pink Lemonade strain, which is ideal for relieving tension and promoting restful sleep. The scent lingers, seeming to adhere to everything. It can be difficult to remove because of its potency.


The first 48 has an interesting flavor profile, which is most likely derived from Orange Blossom Trail. It gives a smooth smoke that allows you to take deep breaths and fully enjoy the freshness.

The Aftertaste of Eternity is very smooth, with a delicious flavor profile that comes with each puff. The flavor may surprise some consumers, since it has a somewhat sour aftertaste. It does not, however, take away from the pleasant flavor profile that emerges as you exhale.


The first 48 buds are usually oblong in shape and have deep forest green hues. Each bud has thin brown pistils that wind their way through it, giving it a mottled appearance. The pistils help the plant to blend in easily with other plants by giving it an overall muted look. The leaves of First 48 compensate for the lack of color in the buds with their bright green color.

First 48 Strain Grow Info

The first 48 is a fast-spreading strain that blooms in only eight weeks on average. Because of its quick development time, it may be an excellent choice for novices. It grows well in either indoor or outdoor conditions, depending on the weather. It flourishes in a temperate to hot environment and can be easily recreated indoors. Planting things inside reduces the risk of pest and mold infestations.

First 48 strain seeds can be found online and are generally simple to come by depending on your location. Alternatively, you may cultivate from cuttings. This procedure is often perceived as being more helpful for novices. It typically leads to a more predictable and consistent growth experience.

THC Content – Highest Test

Out of the more than 120 strains currently available, The First 48 cannabis has a THC concentration of 29 percent. As a result, while it is ideal for beginning growers, novices should look for a less powerful strain. Some users believe that the high THC level is to blame for the abrupt drop in energy at the end of the high.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The first 48 mg contains less than 1% CBD. It’s probable that it’s closer to 0.1% than 1%.

Medical Benefits of the First 48 Strain

The strain’s calming effects might help to relieve physical discomfort, especially headaches. The strength of the strain may assist with pain reduction while also providing a boost in energy. Users who suffer from insomnia may benefit from the sedative qualities of Last 48 at the end of the high.

The mental high produced by First 48 makes it a potential cure for stress and sadness. It might aid in the process of clearing your mind and leaving you calm. The initial enthusiasm you experience might also help you accomplish your daily duties more efficiently.

Don’t be deceived by the First 48’s early benefits, which give you a boost of energy. A comedown is unavoidable, and it will leave you feeling calm as well as possibly drowsy.

Possible Side Effects of the First 48 Strain

If you’re suffering from anxiety, the exceptionally high THC concentration of First 48 is not for you. In this scenario, the strain may cause your heart rate to rise, which would only serve to exacerbate anxious or paranoid thoughts. Users with a low THC tolerance who consume too much of this drug might become dizzy as a result of its strength.

The most frequent side effects of First 48 are dry mouth and eyes. Both should only last for a few hours and will not have a significant influence on your health.

Final Thoughts

The THC concentration in The High-THC Blue is so high that it qualifies as an “intense strain.” It may appear to be a roller coaster for novices. Within a few hours, you might find yourself moving from a productive and motivated mindset to complete relaxation. While this may seem stressful at first, it can also lead to a wonderful high.

The freshness of First 48 comes from its citrus fragrance and taste, which creates an intriguing mix. It also leaves a pungent aroma that isn’t easy to remove.

Despite its faults, this is a strain that, according to studies, appears to be able to provide several health advantages. First 48 may have a beneficial impact on your mood and possibly aid in the reduction of pain.

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