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Two arrested after late night assault in downtown Vancouver

The victim was taken to hospital and later released

Two men have been arrested following an assault in the city’s core yesterday.

A man and a woman were walking together at the intersection of Granville Street and Nelson Street around 11 p.m. when they were approached by a pair of men, according to a release from the Vancouver Police Department (VPD). Police don’t state what transpired between the two pairs, but the men followed the couple when they walked away and attacked.

“One of the men allegedly punched the victim numerous times, resulting in him falling to the ground. The second man began kicking him while he was down, before the two assailants fled,” police state in the release.

The woman called the cops and was able to flag a police car nearby. Officers were able to find the two men nearby and arrested them for assault.

The man was taken to hospital for his injuries and has been released.

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