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SportsBet South Africa is yet another fine sportsbook that is licensed and regulated by the Gauteng Gambling Board (GGB). We feel this gives it an upper edge among all the sportsbooks in RSa because it is based inside the country itself as opposed to being licensed by a third-party authority.

a family business that is run by three different generations now, the highlights of SportsBet are its reliability and safety. It takes a lot of extra care to keep your personal data safe and secure, including that about financial transactions and such.

It is also the largest spread betting operator in South africa, giving you a great opportunity to be a part of spread bettors in the country.

SportsBet Reliability and License

SportsBet is registered under the group name of Sepels Best Bets and uses an approach similar to that of Marshalls when it comes to licensing. It is licensed and regulated by the Gauteng Gambling Board and is overseen by the National Gambling Board.

It also has affiliation with the Financial Intelligence center act (FIca) whereby all the betting and casino transactions (financial) are audited by the authority. This acts as a double check for your finances too so that you don’t get mixed with fraudsters within the website looking to engage in money laundering and the like.

In addition, it uses Turfsport to manage its wagering.

Sportsbet Registration and Login

Registering a free account on SportsBet is easier said than done. There are some things to take care of before you can start betting on your favorite sports. Here’s an easy guide to get started:

  1. Visit the official RSa website of SportsBet .
  2. click on Register Now! on the top right-hand corner of any page.
  3. Fill up the form that asks for your personal details and ID proofs.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

As with most bookmakers in South Africa, you can use this single account for all sorts of gambling – sports betting, casino, lottery, and more. Just make sure you verify the account by sending copies of your ID, address, and age proofs to SportsBet (if they ask).

Note: only RSa citizens above the age of 18 years are legally allowed to create an account.

SportsBet Games and Betting options

You can bet across sports and games in SportsBet. Here’s a list of major betting options in tournaments and championships:

  • BetGames Live.
  • Lucky Numbers and Watch Mega 7 Live.
  • Ligue 1.
  • primeira Liga.
  • English Premier League.
  • La Liga.
  • current racing events.

In addition to these, you can explore other sports such as golf, handball, snooker, motor sport, rugby, and many more exciting to wager and take home millions.

Leagues covered

  • english premier League
  • NBa
  • World cup
  • UeFa champions League
  • Fa cup

According to our research, most of the users on SportsBet engage only in the major tournaments. This is because they attract global players and it’s easier to make a lot of money there compared to obscure games such as snooker.

SportsBet Deposits and Withdrawals

according to SportsBet betting rules, the limits are as follows:

  • Doubles (Two Selections) Max Win R10 000
  • Trebles (Three Selections) Max Win R15 000
  • Four Baller (Four Selections) Max Win R20 000
  • Five Baller (Five Selections) Max Win R250 000
  • Six Baller (Six Selections) Max Win R500 000
  • Seven to Ten Baller (Seven to Ten Selections) R1 000 000
  • Ten Baller to 50 Baller (Ten to Fifty Selections) R1 500 000
  • Second Tier League/Game Multiple Limits per customer per combination
  • Doubles (Two Selections) Max Win R5000
  • Trebles (Three Selections) Max Win R7500
  • Four Baller (Four Selections) Max Win R10000
  • Five Baller (Five Selections) Max Win R100000
  • Six Baller (Six Selections) Max Win R200000
  • Seven to Ten Baller (Seven to Ten Selections) R350 000
  • Ten Bowler to 50 Baller (Ten to Fifty Selections) R500 000.

Do note that this is only for soccer. Other games’ limits can be found on [content-link]this page[/content-link]. Major leagues include asian cup, UeFa, Ligue 1, Supercup, Bundesliga, primera, and others.

SportsBet Payout Time and Features

This is the only parameter where the sportsbook does not impress us. Upon active research, we found that this bookmaker SportsBet Sa allows only vouchers, EFTs, and OZOW as payment methods. everything else needs to be done via the customer support, which is both a manual and time-consuming process.

With a minimum deposit amount of R 10, here’s how you can do it:

  • pay via 1Voucher or oTT Voucher.
  • eFT payment via oZoW.
  • eFT/bank transfer to the bookmaker’s account in aBSa, FNB, or Standard Bank.

Moreover, there is no mention or process to request a withdrawal of funds. This does not really inspire any confidence even in us who don’t mind taking a risk or two. Fortunately, the withdrawals are mentioned to happen post 36 hours regardless of the banking option chosen.

However, if you bank with a third-party merchant that is not used by the bookmaker, the clearance can take even more days. Suffice to say that depositing and withdrawing is a pain with this bookmaker. We recommend doing large deposits and withdrawals to save on processing time and fees.

However, we should note that the site does list VISa and Mastercard as payment gateways. We are not sure how they came into the picture because it didn’t allow us to use our VISa credit card. In any case, it might be worth checking that option out before settling with a voucher payment.

SportsBet Bonuses and Special Offers

at the time of writing, SportsBet did not offer a single bonus or promotion. It’s really surprising to see a bookmaker of this stature (national level) to not have any special offers. even a welcome bonus has not been mentioned in the terms and conditions.

We can’t confirm if this is a new policy or if the bookmaker has always avoided bonuses. Either way, this is a major disadvantage if you choose to create an account here.

For a change, the only offers we saw were for lotto and lottery games. If you are a lottery player, you may use those.

Jackpots in SportsBet

Much like bonuses and promotions, there is no jackpot either. The only way to maximize your profits with this sportsbook is to be selective with your sports and choose multiple and accumulator bets.

Website UI/UX

The website UI is that of a simple bookmaker with basic information. The top navbar has quick access links to SportsBet account, ticket lookup, BetGames LIVe, and live in-play. These are the only links on the site from which you can access those sections.

The main page has highlights (events and Sportsbet fixtures) on the right, the odds segments in the middle, and a small bet slip on the right. We also have a carousel of details about FIca and other non-sports gambling formats such as Mega, lotto, and the like. This is helpful if you are a general gambler and don’t mind dividing your attention to other formats as well.

There’s a suspicious promotion of voucher-based payment systems on this site, which makes us suspect it is part of a hidden tie-up. Not that it will matter to you as these methods do not charge you anything extra. Nonetheless, we still suggest caution while using those systems.

Scroll down and there are two useful sections: the customer support on the left and the footer. The customer support section has helpful links such as TV schedule, sports match results, and Help center that may answer your questions. on the other hand, the footer focuses on its partnerships and payment partners.

placing a bet is easy, thankfully, but don’t expect too many odds as we suspect this site has far fewer takers. The lack of bonuses and jackpots may be a reason.

SportsBet Mobile Version

There is no mobile app for Sportsbet, either for android or ioS. If you want to access the site from your smartphone, simply enter the URL into any web browser like Google chrome or Safari, and log in to your Sportsbet account. During our tests, we didn’t face any problems accessing the mobile site.

customer Support

What it lacks in offers and bonuses it makes up with a solid customer support section. There are plenty of ways to SportsBet contact customer care, as we have listed below.

  • email your queries to [email protected]
  • contact number SportsBet is 0861 620 630
  • Fax number is 086 606 2894
  • For emergency contact, use its Whatsapp number – +27 79 132 3371
  • You may also use 0860 510 520 for phone betting (no complaints).

While its head office is in Gauteng, it has several branches in areas such as Bruma Lake, Pretoria, Soweto, Hillbrow, and Kyalami. You can go to its physical offices in these locations and raise a request.

For more information about contacting the sportsbook as well as a full list of offline locations, visit this page .

Pros and Cons of Sports Bet online

a list of advantages and disadvantages of sportsbook SportsBet.

  • Strong customer support.
  • Wide range of sports and fixtures daily.
  • Detailed Help centre and T&c.
  • old foundation; active since 1989.
  • South african payment options available.
  • No offers or promotions.
  • No mobile app for android or ioS.

Although the lack of bonuses is a big no-no for us, we still recommend SportsBet as a decent bookmaker due to its popularity and sheer focus on international sports betting. If you already have an account, we don’t see any reason that you should switch.


We get it. No offers, no promotions, no special features, no mobile apps, and no jackpots either. Why should one create an account on SportsBet?

We had that question too, when we started writing this SportsBet review. But the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Its large array of SportsBet games, affiliation with authorities, and support of South African payment systems are something that need to be appreciated. Sure, when you compare it with other bookmakers like 1XBeT or Bet365 or Marshalls, there are shortcomings. But if you are looking for a clean sports betting experience without the extra bells and whistles, there is no other platform worth subscribing to.

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