Raspberry Cough Cannabis Strain

Raspberry Cough isn’t as bad as it sounds. Instead, it’s an uplifting and energizing high with a punch of delicious orange notes and a brush of fresh raspberries. Its potent 24% THC level does not have a harsh or bitter edge for users to worry about. It promotes feelings of peace and tranquility, as well as pain alleviation and creative inspiration.

The Raspberry Cough strain is a hybrid strain created from the ICE and Cambodian strains. It’s a 70/30 sativa-dominant hybrid with THC content of 15 to 24%. The effects of the Raspberry Cough will be felt almost immediately in a cerebral high. It’ll clear your head and put you in a good mood, ready to tackle the day. The Raspberry Cough does not cause a cough. You should be completely relaxed yet eager and motivated at the same time.

Cannabis is also a good treatment for several illnesses, such as fatigue, sadness, tension, anxiety, and even asthma. This is due to its high THC concentration and potential to make you feel happy and euphoric. Raspberry Cough, as the name implies, has a raspbery aroma and flavor. It’s also been likened to having an earthy undertone with a nutty overtone. The Raspberry Cough’s plethora of energizing qualities have made it a hit among marijuana users everywhere.

This article will review the Raspberry Cough strain and tell you all you need to know about its wonder. So, keep an eye out for the full dosage on Raspberry Cough.

What is the Raspberry Cough Strain?

Raspberry Cough is a mix of two landraces from Cambodia, which was bred together by the Nirvana Strains. It’s 70 percent sativa and 30 percent indica, so it has high THC levels. The Raspberry Cough strain of marijuana has been reported to have up to 24% THC concentration, so be cautious. If you’re searching for a strain that will make you happier and more productive, Raspberry Cough is an excellent option.

The effects of Blueberry are extremely smooth, which appeal to both recreational and medical marijuana users. THC levels might differ by 15 to 24% depending on how it is cultivated. Raspberry Cough not only has the fragrance and flavor of raspberries, but it also tastes like them.

The nuggets of the Raspberry Cough strain are tiny and spherical, with minute pistils and golden trichomes. You may discover a very delicious berry and earth aroma when you initially sniff it. When you smoke it, the same fragrances will be there.

Raspberry Cough is a popular choice among smokers because it does not take long to act and frequently provides a cerebral high, which can help you focus and clear your head as well as keep you motivated. It’s best recognized as a late-morning or afternoon smoke since it boosts your mood while soothing stress. If you have depression, it might aid in raising your spirits as well as relieving the tiredness associated with it. It may also assist those who are extremely sensitive to pain or discomfort due to any sort of chronic illness.

For those who don’t want to be completely drowsy and yet still experience medicinal benefits, Raspberry Cough is a fantastic strain.

Raspberry Cough Strain: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance


The Raspberry Cough marijuana strain’s aroma is often described as sweet, earthy, berry-like, and nutty when it is first smelled unadulterated. Many people adore it since it has a fruit-like flavor and fragrance.


Raspberry Cough, as the name implies, has a raspberry flavor. It’s been compared to strawberry or candy, with a little heat added in. Others find it fruity with orange overtones. The most prevalent flavor note is unquestionably the raspberry element.


The Raspberry Cough buds are somewhat round and tiny, with a few golden trichomes.

Raspberry Cough Strain Grow Info

If you want to cultivate your own Raspberry Cough, you’re in luck because it’s quite simple to do so and is a great strain for newcomers to cannabis. It may grow up to ten feet tall, so keep that in mind if you need to remain inconspicuous while cultivating as it can be seen from a long way away.

If you want to cultivate indoors, it may take around 11 weeks for your plants to flower. It produces 14 to 18 ounces of bud per square meter on average, which is a decent yield. Raspberry Cough thrives in soil or in an hydroponic system. When the plant begins showing purplish tints, it’s time to harvest. If you’re going to grow Raspberry Cough outside, it needs lots of light and warmth.

It grows to a really tall height, so be prepared for that – and it also has the ability to leave a strong scent behind, so if you live in an area where growing is not permitted, you must exercise caution. However, if you are adamant and succeed at gaining Raspberry Cough outdoors, each plant can produce up to 18 ounces of bud. It generally doesn’t begin flowering until late October or early November, which means it might be a long wait, but it’s definitely worth it.

You may buy Raspberry Cough strain seeds online from a number of different internet seed vendors, so if you want to cultivate your own Raspberry Cough, you’ll have plenty of options.

THC Content Test

Overall, the Raspberry Cough cannabis strain has quite high THC levels overall. The greatest THC concentration recorded in Raspberry Cough was 24%.

CBD Content Test

The CBD content of Raspberry Cough has been found to be rather low, generally around 1%, but can be as little as 0.7% in certain situations depending on the growing conditions.

Medical Benefits of the Raspberry Cough Strain

Raspberry Cough has a wide range of medical applications. Stress is one of the most important uses of Raspberry Cough. Many smokers who use Raspberry Cough regularly notice that the first thing they feel is jovial and that their mood improves. It can aid in the treatment of depression as a result of this effect.

Many smokers report feeling an increase in energy as well, which is in addition to the stress-relieving and sleep-inducing properties of Raspberry Cough. This unlikely combination makes it a great strain for people who want to be uplifted while still relaxing you.

It’s also been shown to have a number of physical health benefits, including pain relief and muscular aches. It may also aid with muscle discomfort and inflammation.

Possible Side Effects of the Raspberry Cough Strain

There are a few side effects to be aware of when taking Raspberry Cough, but they aren’t too serious. The most common adverse effects include dry mouth (or cottonmouth), dizziness, dry eyes, tiredness, and a minor anxious mood. It does contain higher amounts of THC, therefore if you’re sensitivity to it

There’s approximately 24% THC in Raspberry Cough, so keep that in mind. Because of the anxious effects the Raspberry Cough strain may have on some individuals, you should be cautious if you suffer from anxiety or any other mental illness that includes fear. Overall, these adverse effects are minor and might be reduced by staying hydrated before and while smoking Raspberry Cough.

The tendency of cannabis to make you dizzy is no reason to be frightened, since it can make you feel more euphoric. If this was the case, one might assume that after driving in an auto or being on a plane for hours, the high would wear off and they’d crash as they’re coming down from their “high.” The only thing I’m going to say is that if your eyes are really sensitive to light – like mine were when I first started using pot – adjust your lighting. Also, keep in mind that some of these symptoms may also happen during intoxication from alcohol (such as nausea & vomiting). Depending upon how badly someone has been stoned before consuming cannabis medicine, certain side effects can include: -> Because cannabis makes people

Final Thoughts on the Raspberry Cough Strain

The Raspberry Cough is a super popular strain amongst the recreational and medicinal marijuana users. With its ability to energize, yet relax you and boost your mood, it has a unique combination of effects that are both uplifting and relaxing. It can even help with a lot of physical pain and inflammation, so it is popular for this medicinal usage as well. But most popularly, it is used to help treat depression since it is great at boosting the mood without overstimulating or producing too much euphoria to overwhelm the senses.

It just adds fuel to the fire with its wonderful and earthy raspberry taste. Many people enjoy its fruity and refreshing flavor, which is complemented by the several herbal and nutty undertones that are present throughout the smoke.

Overall, if you’re searching for a strain that can boost energy while also relaxing you and relieving pain, Raspberry Cough might be the right fit. Although it doesn’t make as much of a cough as its name implies, the raspberry taste is definitely present and will leave you and your senses completely speechless.

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