24k hybrid review

Here’s a detailed overview of the 24k hybrid :

Overview: The 24k strain is a hybrid, born from the crossing of two popular strains, Kosher Kush and Tangie. This combination results in a balanced hybrid with qualities from both its parent strains. Known for its potency and distinctive flavor profile, it has gained popularity among cannabis enthusiasts.

Flavor and Aroma: 24k offers a unique sensory experience. Its aroma is often described as citrusy, with strong notes of tangy oranges, reminiscent of its Tangie lineage. The flavor follows suit, offering a refreshing and zesty taste that’s often coupled with earthy undertones.

Potency: This strain is recognized for its potent effects. With typically high levels of THC, users often report a strong, euphoric high accompanied by a sense of relaxation. The potency makes it suitable for experienced users, but caution is advised for those with lower tolerance levels.

Effects: The high from 24k is usually a well-balanced combination of cerebral and physical effects. Users often report feeling uplifted, euphoric, and sometimes creative due to its sativa influence from Tangie. However, it also tends to deliver a relaxing body high attributed to its indica lineage from Kosher Kush.

Medical Uses: Due to its balanced effects, some users find 24k beneficial for managing stress, depression, and minor aches or pains. The uplifting and relaxing qualities may offer relief for those seeking a break from daily stressors.

Growth Information: Cultivating the 24k strain might vary depending on the specific seeds or cuttings obtained. It typically thrives indoors and outdoors, but growers often note that it requires consistent attention to temperature, humidity, and nutrient levels for optimal growth.

Remember, individual experiences with cannabis strains can vary widely, and the effects and potency of the 24k strain can differ based on various factors including individual tolerance, consumption method, and the specific batch. It’s always recommended to start with small doses, especially for newcomers or those unfamiliar with its potency.


The 24k strain, a hybrid born from crossing Kosher Kush and Tangie, delivers a multifaceted experience cherished by cannabis enthusiasts.

Visuals: The buds of 24k often boast a vibrant appearance, with dense, cone-shaped formations and a coating of resinous trichomes. Its colors can range from light green to hues of gold and orange pistils, reflecting its lineage and giving the buds a visually appealing look.

Aroma and Flavor: The strain’s aroma is a standout feature, offering a potent citrus fragrance, primarily reminiscent of tangy oranges. The scent is often accented by earthy, herbal undertones, creating a delightful olfactory experience. The taste follows suit, providing a refreshing burst of citrus flavors, occasionally tinged with spicy or diesel-like notes upon exhalation.

Potency and Effects: With typically high THC levels, 24k tends to pack a punch. Its effects are known to be both euphoric and deeply relaxing. Users often report an initial rush of cerebral effects leading to a lifted mood and heightened creativity, attributed to its Tangie lineage. This may be followed by a gradual physical relaxation that can soothe the body, owing to the influence of Kosher Kush.

Medical Uses: This strain is sought after for its potential therapeutic benefits. Its combination of uplifting and relaxing effects makes it a choice for managing symptoms of stress, depression, and mild pain. The euphoric nature of its high might offer relief to those seeking mood enhancement.

Cultivation: Cultivating the 24k strain may require moderate experience. It flourishes well both indoors and outdoors but demands consistent monitoring of factors like temperature, humidity, and nutrients for optimal growth. The flowering period is generally moderate.

This strain’s well-balanced effects, distinct citrusy aroma, and vibrant appearance have contributed to its popularity among cannabis connoisseurs, providing a multifaceted experience that caters to both recreational and potential medicinal needs.

Flavor and Aroma:

The 24k strain is renowned for its distinct flavor and aroma, which contribute significantly to its appeal among cannabis enthusiasts.

Aroma: The scent of 24k is a potent, citrus-forward experience that often evokes images of freshly peeled oranges. This strong, tangy aroma is one of the strain’s defining features. Alongside the citrus notes, you might detect hints of earthiness, adding depth to the overall fragrance.

Flavor: Upon consumption, the taste mirrors the aromatic profile. The flavor is dominated by a zesty citrus sensation, akin to biting into a ripe, tangy orange. This prominent citrus taste tends to be the highlight of the smoking or vaping experience. Some variations may introduce subtle undertones of herbal or diesel-like flavors upon exhaling, adding complexity to the overall taste.

Aftertaste: The aftertaste can linger with a pleasant mix of citrus notes, leaving a refreshing and mildly sweet sensation on the palate. The herbal or diesel hints might also subtly remain, contributing to the strain’s multifaceted flavor profile.

The combination of the strong, citrusy aroma and the corresponding refreshing, tangy taste makes 24k a memorable experience for those seeking a distinctive sensory journey during consumption.


The 24k strain is known for its potency, largely owing to its elevated THC levels, which contribute to a robust and notable high.

THC Content: This strain typically boasts a high THC concentration, often ranging from around 18% to 24% or even higher in some variations. This significant THC content plays a crucial role in the strain’s powerful effects.

Effects: The high from 24k is typically potent and multifaceted. Users often experience an initial rush of cerebral effects, characterized by a euphoric and uplifting sensation. This initial stage might enhance mood, spark creativity, and induce a sense of focus, attributed to its sativa-leaning lineage from Tangie.

Subsequently, the high transitions into a more calming and relaxing phase that gradually envelops the body, likely due to its indica heritage from Kosher Kush. This physical relaxation can be deeply soothing, potentially easing tension and promoting a sense of tranquility.

Intensity: The potency of 24k makes it an option favored by experienced users seeking a strong psychoactive experience. However, for individuals with lower THC tolerance levels or newcomers to cannabis, it’s advisable to approach this strain cautiously and start with smaller doses to avoid overwhelming effects.

The strain’s high THC levels contribute significantly to its robust effects, offering a balanced combination of cerebral stimulation and physical relaxation, providing a potent and dynamic experience for users.


The effects of the 24k strain encompass a diverse and balanced spectrum, offering both cerebral and physical sensations that cater to various preferences and needs.

Initial Impact: Upon consumption, users often experience an immediate rush of cerebral effects. This phase is characterized by an uplifted mood, enhanced creativity, and a surge of energy. The sativa influence from Tangie plays a significant role in this initial phase, providing a euphoric and mentally stimulating experience.

Mental Stimulation: The high typically leads to heightened focus and a sense of clarity. Some users report increased creativity and a more sociable disposition, making this strain suitable for activities that may benefit from a burst of inspiration or social interaction.

Relaxation: As the high progresses, a gentle wave of physical relaxation begins to surface, likely stemming from the indica genetics of Kosher Kush. This phase often eases the body, relaxing muscles and potentially alleviating any tension or discomfort. It’s not overly sedating, allowing users to remain functional and engaged.

Adaptive Effects: The effects of 24k can be adaptable, catering to different situations and user preferences. It can be an ideal strain for daytime use, offering a balance between productivity and relaxation. However, in larger doses or for those with lower tolerance, it can induce more sedative effects, making it suitable for evening or night-time use.

Medical Application: The balanced effects of 24k make it a potential choice for managing symptoms of stress, depression, and minor aches or pains. Its uplifting properties might assist in mood enhancement and reducing anxiety, while the physical relaxation can aid in relieving muscle tension.

The 24k strain’s effects, with its harmonious blend of mental stimulation and physical relaxation, make it an appealing option for both recreational and potential therapeutic use, catering to a wide range of preferences and needs.

Medical Uses

While the 24k strain is primarily sought after for its recreational effects, it also demonstrates potential benefits in a medicinal context, offering relief for various conditions:

Mood Enhancement: The strain’s uplifting and euphoric effects may be advantageous for individuals dealing with mood disorders like depression, as it can induce a sense of happiness and well-being. The cerebral stimulation may help in lifting the spirits and promoting a more positive outlook.

Stress and Anxiety: The mood-boosting properties of 24k might assist in reducing stress and anxiety. The strain’s initial rush of energy and mental clarity could help users unwind and alleviate feelings of tension, making it potentially beneficial for relaxation.

Pain Management: The physical relaxation induced by 24k may provide relief for individuals dealing with mild aches and pains. The strain’s ability to soothe muscle tension could offer comfort for those experiencing minor discomfort.

Appetite Stimulation: As is common with some cannabis strains, 24k might also trigger an increase in appetite, which can be beneficial for individuals undergoing treatments where appetite loss is a concern.

Insomnia and Sleep Aid: In higher doses or for individuals with lower tolerance levels, the relaxing qualities of 24k may induce drowsiness and aid in sleep. It can potentially be used as a mild sleep aid for individuals experiencing occasional sleep disturbances.

It’s important to note that while some users may find relief from these symptoms using 24k, individual reactions to cannabis can vary. Consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable before using cannabis for medicinal purposes to ensure its suitability and to discuss potential interactions with other medications or existing health conditions.

Growth Information:

Growth information for the 24k strain can vary depending on factors such as environmental conditions, cultivation techniques, and specific genetics. However, here’s a general overview:

Cultivation Environment: 24k is versatile and can thrive in both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s important to provide a stable environment with proper temperature, humidity, and light control for optimal growth. When cultivated indoors, it’s essential to mimic its preferred outdoor conditions as closely as possible.

Preferred Climate: A temperate and Mediterranean climate is generally suitable for outdoor cultivation. If growing outdoors, ensure that the plant receives ample sunlight, as it’s crucial for healthy growth and robust bud development.

Flowering Time: The flowering period for 24k typically spans around 8 to 9 weeks. This time frame can slightly vary depending on the specific phenotype and the environmental conditions provided during the growing process.

Yield: The 24k strain can offer a moderate to high yield, depending on factors like the quality of care, nutrients, and environmental conditions provided during the growth cycle.

Pruning and Training: Regular pruning and training methods such as topping, low-stress training (LST), or other techniques can help manage its growth, optimize bud sites, and encourage better light penetration, which can enhance overall yield and quality.

Nutrient Needs: Like many cannabis strains, 24k requires a balanced nutrient regimen. Ensuring proper nutrient levels, especially during the flowering stage, can significantly impact the quality and quantity of the yield.

Harvesting: Determining the right time for harvest can be crucial. Observing trichome development and color change can guide the harvesting process, ensuring the desired potency and flavor profile of the buds.

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