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Marijuana Abuse and Addiction Treatment

A good marijuana abuse treatment center offers hope for those suffering from the abuse and addiction of marijuana. Marijuana users often combine it with other drugs like alcohol and cocaine, so treatment programs are usually addressing this fact.

A professional staff that is experienced in helping individuals to recover from marijuana addiction is essential. They should provide a compassionate, supportive environment at each stage of marijuana addiction treatment.

Trained addiction professionals should conduct an individual evaluation, addressing each person’s marijuana abuse treatment needs. The program should offer individual care providing the intensity of therapy appropriate throughout each stage of recovery, from extended residential care to lifetime aftercare services. The marijuana treatment program should incorporate therapy that is effective in addressing underlying causes of marijuana abuse: dual diagnosis, issues with family, work place, and the legal system.

Components that may be included in an individual’s treatment program are determined on an ongoing basis according to a comprehensive evaluation that takes place at admission and continuously throughout the marijuana addiction treatment.

After marijuana detoxification is achieved, the marijuana treatment center should work individually with patients, but also in groups and with their family as well. Emphasis on the importance of maintaining sobriety and recovery from marijuana addiction helps the patient re-enter into society gradually and marijuana free.

Marijuana treatment does not need to be voluntary. Often, a family member, employer, or the court system can be the motivating factor for an individual receiving drug treatment for marijuana.

If you or a loved one needs help dealing with addiction to or abuse of marijuana, please contact us right away. We’re here to help. Call us at 1 (800) 626-1980 or request more information.




Marijuana Rehab Center | Marijuana Abuse Treatment | Contact Us