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Yielding autoflowering marijuana varieties

Nowadays the industry is developing rather rapidly, new producers, shops, varieties and technologies of cannabis cultivation are appearing. Not so long ago, a real breakthrough was made in the world of marijuana - there were autoflowering hemp seeds. Thorough study of proposed autoflowering variations of varieties by the world's leading manufacturers led to the creation of a small selection.

Think Different

The rastishka is a medium-high bush, ready to generously present a quality harvest at the end of maturation. The Think Different variety contains approximately 18% THC, which is a high percentage for autoflowering crops. The plant is highly immune to fungal diseases and mould.
Big Bang Auto

The plant was bred by the breeders of Green House Seeds. The basis of the plant was NL, the original Skunk, and crumb El Nino. Seeds of Big Bang Auto will be brought in the Indore to 900 g/m2. This can be achieved under ideal conditions using the SOG method. The plant has a calming effect that can relieve fatigue.Yielding autoflowering marijuana varieties

Big Devil #2

The plant is the third autoflowering variety in the line of "devilish" varieties. The feminized modification has undergone a number of improvements, among them:

  • - Increased productivity;
  • - Fast flowering;
  • - Nice flavor;
  • - Increased size.
Cannabis Big Devil #2 is able to form a lot of large inflorescences in warm climates and abundant feeding.


Buddha Seeds gave birth to a beauty with autoflowering abilities, which is extremely strong among other varieties in the seat catalog. Marijuana Magnum is a plant of decent height (up to 1.5m) with a branched structure. Its aromatic palette is full of invigorating tones of various spices.

Mohan Ram Auto
Mohan Ram Auto is a third generation hybrid culture. The rastishka shows endurance and vitality in outdoor breeding. Mohan Ram Auto hemp does not require abundant fertilization, so you can save money on expensive fertilizers.


The plant grown from the AutoMazar seed is a high yielding hybrid obtained by crossing the amazing Mazar variety with ruderalis. The small plant is dotted with cones, leaves. It emits a subtle sweet smell during flowering.




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