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Marijuana will save the environment.

While dozens of countries are struggling with cannabis and its spread, scientists are conducting their own research, which proves the positive impact of cannabis flower delivery not only on humans but also on the environment. Recently, experts have reported that it can be used to improve various areas of production and at the same time improve the state of ecology around the world.


  1.  Food industry
  2.  Pulp and paper production
  3.  Textile manufacturing
  4.  Cleaning systems
  5.  Building materials

Food IndustryMarijuana will save the environment.

The technical hemp is easy and quick to breed. You can get more than 5 thousand seeds from just one bush, what about 1 hectare of land? One of the most important advantages of the plant root is its positive impact on the soil. It does not require fertilisation or any other fertiliser with an unclear composition.

Grass seeds contain about 30% proteins (plant edestin, albumin), which makes them easy to digest. They also contain fatty acids, iron, zinc, amino acids, antioxidants and some vitamins. They do not contain carbohydrates from the group of oligosaccharides, which lead to increased gassing of the intestine.

Experts are also confident in the beneficial properties of plant leaves. According to them, they prevent the appearance of diabetes, ischemic stroke, cardiovascular disease and help calm down.

Pulp and paper production

Few people know that the first paper was made from hemp in China before our era. For the last hundred years, it's been made from trees. Modern manufacture, as it is known, is based not only on natural, but also chemical materials because of what quality of a paper suffers. In addition, deforestation contributes to climate change due to poor ecology. The use of chemistry in paper production leads to the pollution of soil and rivers.

Compared to the wood type (30% cellulose), hemp paper consists of 70% cellulose. It can also be used to produce much more products that are more environmentally friendly and durable.

Textile production

In the past, hemp was used to be used to make various fabrics and materials. Thanks to its increased strength, it was used for sails and ropes. Fabrics from "technique" have excellent wear resistance, are not afraid of mould, fungi, ultraviolet. If you sew clothes from it today, you can get durable and most practical things with hypoallergenic composition.Marijuana will save the environment.

Cleaning systems

Cannabis leaves decompose in the soil for only 3-4 months, and in trees and shrubs this takes years. The substances contained in cannabis "rejuvenate" the soil, restore, regenerate and enrich it. Thus, if they get into the soil, they return 60% of the micronutrients.

Building materials .

Concrete and the cement it contains are used in various construction fields. But they consist of nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide, which causes enormous damage to the air and the environment. You can replace conventional concrete with hemp-based concrete. Its with air lime is able to quickly harden and become as strong as possible. According to experts, even an earthquake wouldn't do her any good. The building material is environmentally friendly, so it is suitable for the construction of roads, sidewalks and houses. In private construction, the objects will be as durable and reliable as possible with an optimal indoor climate.




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