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Decrease in the aaaa strain delivery of blood vessels

aaaa strain deliveryScientists have once again taken up the task of identifying the health damage that marijuana can cause him. A new study on mice shows that passive smoking marijuana can damage the human cardiovascular system in much the same way that inhaling smoke from regular nicotine cigarettes.

In their experience, American scientists at the University of California at San Francisco forced laboratory mice to breathe in marijuana fumes, which was "smoked" by a special device.

In the experiment, the scientists measured three times the expansion of blood vessels in the femoral artery of mice using ultrasound. First - 10 minutes before "smoking", and then 10 and 40 minutes after.

As a result, it was found that artery function decreased by 70% on average after 30 minutes of marijuana exposure in mice. The negative effect was also noticeable when scientists used the drug without tetrahydrocannabinol, a psychotropic element of marijuana that causes drug intoxication.
aaaa strain deliveryDecrease in the functionality of blood vessels can have serious consequences and lead to atherosclerosis, which produces plaques in the blood vessels, resulting in the conductive function of the arteries is already chronically reduced.

In previous studies where tobacco cigarettes were used, vascular function returned to normal 30 minutes after inhalation of fumes. However, in the case of marijuana, the researchers note, recovery has not occurred and 40 minutes later.

The scientists emphasize the importance of such studies against the backdrop of the accelerating legalization of marijuana in the United States.



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